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What Droopy Eyelids?
Droopy Eyelids Be Gone!
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Droopy Eye Lids or Ptosis

Having droopy eyelids can affect your self-confidence and how you feel about your appearance. It can make you feel self-conscious and feel less attractive, which may impact your overall self-esteem. You’re also less likely to take care of your eye health if you don’t like the appearance of your eye area.

Droopy eyelids may seem like just a cosmetic issue but they can also be an early indication of serious medical conditions such as stroke. Additionally, they can make it difficult to see by blocking the pupil.

We can treat your droopy eyelids so you can see better and have a firmer and more attractive eye area.

UPNEEQ® Eye Drops for a Non Invasive Droopy Eyelid Solution

Droopy eyelids are also known as unilateral ptosis (one eye affected) or bilateral ptosis (two eyes affected). They can be caused by a variety of factors, such as traumatic injury, aging, and even underlying medical conditions.

They can make an appearance at any stage of your life, including from when you’re born and throughout your lifetime. The good news is that in many cases, this condition can resolve itself over time, either naturally or with the help of medical interventions such as Upneeq.


  • Elderly people whose levator muscle (which is responsible for lifting the eyelid) gradually weakens over time

  • Children with visual conditions such as amblyopia, or lazy eye

  • People with a history of head trauma/traumatic brain injury

  • People with neurological issues caused by myasthenia gravis, stroke, cancer, and brain tumors

  • LASIK and cataract surgery patients whose eye muscles become overstretched


Upneeq is an FDA-approved prescription eye drop specifically designed to lift the upper eyelids. It works by causing the Müller's muscle to contract and lift the eyelid. This effect typically lasts for several hours, providing relief from droopy eyelids and improving the appearance of the eyes.

Our eye doctor at Dry Eye and Wellness in Sugar Land can prescribe Upneeq as a targeted treatment for droopy eyelids. Book a consultation with us and get all your eye care needs met in one convenient location.

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Latisse® for Longer Eye Lashes

If you’re tired of using mascara or wearing false lashes, Latisse may just be what you need. It’s an FDA-approved treatment that enhances the length, darkness, and thickness of your eyelashes. It’s made from a glaucoma medication called bimatoprost that’s used as an eye drop and is rich in prostaglandin (a hormone-like substance that stimulates hair follicles and lash growth).


In as little as 8 weeks, you may start seeing results that can last up to 16 weeks.

You can expect your lash thickness to increase by up to 25% and lash darkness to increase by up to 18%.

Consultation Process:

  • Identify if you qualify.
  • Examine the cost benefits.
  • No surgery, we photograph the colour of the eyelids, iris, and lashes.

After 16 weeks, get the following results:

  • The thickness of my eyelashes has grown by 25%.
  • The thickness and fullness of the skin improved by 106%.
  • The darkening of eyelashes rose by 18%.