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5 Reasons Patients Choose the

Dry Eye & Wellness Center



In 2020, Dry Eye and Wellness received the Cooper Vision’s Best Practice Award. The following year, we were named a See Tomorrow Visionary by the Contact Lens Institute — which is a testament to the quality service and innovation we offer our patients.


We Get Results

With a 95% success rate we have many happy patients and return customers from all over the world.

At Our Dry Eye & Wellness Center Other Dry Eye “Spas”
Dedicated Wellness Center VS. Local Optometry Eye Care Practice
At the Dry Eye & Wellness Center, we stay ahead of the curve by using state-of-the-art technology to provide quality medical eye care. We focus on a few specialties, including aesthetics and wellness, which sets us apart from other local practices that primarily offer general eye exams and glasses.
FDA Approved IPL VS. NON FDA Approved IPL
Our practice proudly leads the way as the first facility worldwide to feature the renowned Lumenis Stellar M22, the only FDA-approved IPL device in the world. Our evidence-backed Johnson & Johnson Lipiflow machine also consistently delivers superior outcomes for patients with dry eye compared to the Miboflow system used by other practices.
Lipiflow VS. Mibo Flo
There is a difference. Our Johnson & Johnsons Lipiflow machine is evidence-backed in providing superior results for patients with Dry Eye compared to Miboflow
Board Certified Doctors VS. Local Eye Doctors
Less than 4% of the doctors in the US are board-certified. The Dry Eye & Wellness Center is home to our board-certified doctor of optometry, Dr. Faheem Inayatali, who graduated from UH, Rice, and Harvard Universities. Dr. Faheem has been surgically trained from Northeastern Oklahoma State University.
Certified TearScience Dry Eye Center VS. NON Certified TearScience Practice
Our doctors have gone through various and extensive additional certifications, such as TearScience program—the most rigorous Dry Eye treatment certification. This has provided our doctors with additional insights on providing extensive and cutting-edge patient care.
Internationally Trusted VS. Local Practice
The Dry Eye & Wellness Center has built an international referral network to treat some of the most severe patient cases from all over the world.
Clinical Trial Powerhouse VS. Mainstream Practice
Clinical trials keeps a practice current and fresh. We invest the time to be part of many in order to advance eye care treatment for this eye disease.

Our Innovation & Use of State-Of-The-Art Technology

We’re the first eye care center in the world to adopt the IPL Stellar device, which offers effective dry eye treatments. Not only do we prioritize advanced eye care, but we also provide hi-tech equipment for aesthetics and wellness, so that you can improve how you look and feel and your overall health.

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Our Founder & Doctor—Dr. Faheem Inayatali, O.D.

We embody excellence in everything we do, a philosophy that’s mirrored by our doctor’s credentials, which include a Doctorate in Optometry and specialization in glaucoma from the prestigious University of Houston. He combines this extensive knowledge with a Master’s in Business Administration from Rice University, focusing on Healthcare Management and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Inayatali also pursued a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Harvard University, delving into the realms of dry eye disease and global myopia.

He’s also a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry, an honor held by less than 4% of optometrists in the country.

  1. Board Certified Doctor of Optometry – University of Houston
  2. Master of Business Administration – Rice University
  3. Master of Public Health – Harvard University
  4. Fellowship – American Academy of Optometry

We Believe in Doing Good—Philanthropy

Eye Give Sight is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. Faheem Inayatali. Since 2016, it’s been a lifeline for people who are unable to access eye care, offerrug essentia services and glasses to 1000 people.

You can support our cause by donating to our NPO.

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